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    The Seminar Series 2015-2016 was generously sponsored by Mr. William Schumann (Chairman of the Board at Avnet, Inc.)

    Aug. 3, 2015 "Exploiting Relevance and Structure in Multi-armed Bandit Problems"
    Prof. Cem Tekin (Bilkent)

    Oct. 19, 2015 "Computing Choice"
    Prof. Devavrat Shah (MIT)

    Nov. 16, 2015 "Optimal Auction Design in the Presence of Competition"
    Prof. Mallesh Pai (University of Pennsylvania)

    Nov. 30, 2015 "Networked Markets: Intermediaries and Market Power"
    Prof. Adam Wierman (Caltech)

    Jan. 25, 2016 "Privacy, Game Theory, and Networks"
    Prof. Michael Kearns (University of Pennsylvania)

    Feb. 1, 2016 "Taming Complexity: Controlling Networks"
    Prof. Albert-László Barabási (Northeastern University)

    Feb. 29, 2016 "Quantifying Spillovers on an Online Social Network"
    Dr. Sean Chu (Facebook)

    Mar. 7, 2016 "Sampling Methods that Learn to Optimize"
    Prof. Benjamin Van Roy (Stanford)

    Mar. 16, 2016 "The “majority illusion” and other paradoxes of social perception"
    Prof. Kristina Lerman (University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute (ISI))